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GTAX’s Accounting Services focuses on providing value-added services which aim to create a strong competitive advantage for our clients in a rapidly changing market place. GTAX will help you access to our experienced team, which is not normally found in small companies, while saving money and time considerably.

We want to be part of your success!

When it comes to choosing the right corporate services provider, you deserve a company that offers tailored, cost-effective and friendly service with a reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Outstanding value

The quality of GTax accounting’s services has been verified with over 3000 domestic and foreign companies that have been using the service.

No Hidden Fees

GTax Accounting’s service fee schedule is completely transparent – there are absolutely no hidden fees. No service organization is worth your trust if it hits you with undisclosed fees. You will find them the lowest within the high-quality segment of the industry.


Professional Staff, well-trained with international qualification, and who are passionate in service industry such as Lawyers, Auditors, CPAs, Chief Accountants … GTax commits to bring You accuracy and secure. Only we commit to refund 100% fees if you are not satisfied.

Best price

Our pricing is fair and our team is committed to providing you quality, timely service that always exceeds your expectations. We are able to achieve significant cost efficiencies by leveraging our investment in information technology and we pass these savings on to our clients.em the lowest within the high-quality segment of the industry. 100% fees if you are not satisfied.

Work online

Unique in accounting services gtax all issues are communicated, processed, reported through GTax's Customer Portal. You can easily search and review of tax reports and work anywhere and any time.

Professionally Qualified

At the core of Gtax’s service delivery approach is a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff members who are certified professionals and industry veterans in their respective practice areas. Our staff is intimately familiar with all relevant Vietnam laws, procedures, and policies. Most everyone on staff is a member of the Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA), Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors (VAA), Vietnam Bar Federation (VBF)…

Fast Response

Our service standards are high – our policy is to respond within 24 hours to every email or message we receive.

The One-Stop-Shop solution

We offer support to set up, launch and manage your business in Vietnam. Furthermore, we have established an extensive network of local partnerships with reputable and cost-effective firms that specialize in specific niche areas.


We always seek to provide flexibility to our clients. Most of our communications are via Gtax's Customer Portal or email or OTT (Zalo, Skype,Whatapp…) and your physical presence in our office is not required. To facilitate convenience for busy entrepreneurs, we are open after regular business hours by appointment (except on Sunday and public holidays).

Why Should You Use
GTax's Accounting Services?

Tax and accounting regulations change frequently. If you are not an expert in the field of tax and accounting and do not follow up promptly, your company will not comply with regulations.

GTax’s accounting services will help you comply with legal regulations.

According to current law, a company must organize an accounting apparatus and must have an accountant and chief accountant. If not, that company must sign an accounting service contract with an accounting service company.

GTax’s accounting services will provide accounting services and chief accountant services for your company.

If your company is a foreign-invested company in Vietnam, you may not understand tax and accounting laws clearly. To avoid risks related to the implementation of accounting and tax procedures. Please use GTax’s accounting services.

You are a business owner, you do not clearly understand the tax and accounting regulations, how to check whether the accountant has declared taxes and accounting books correctly or not?

GTax’s accounting services will help you check and monitor accounting activities.

You are a small company, instead of hiring chief accountants and professional accountants at high costs, why don’t you use GTax’s accounting services or GTax’s chief accountant services to reduce costs?

You need a professional accountant with qualifications, experience and capacity to perform accounting work, tax declaration, accounting consulting, taxes, invoices and other legal regulations.

GTax’s accounting service will help you ensure the quality of accountants when performing work as well as accompany you throughout the time you use our service.

Your company’s accountant is not qualified and does not meet the legal regulations on accounting and tax. 

GTax’s accounting services will help you perform these tasks in accordance with the law.

You don’t want to have to worry about accounting issues, taxes or changes in your company’s accounting personnel.  You will spend a lot of time and money recruiting and training these accountants. And more seriously, when these employees quit, they will reveal your business secrets.

Gtax’s accounting services will help you focus on your main professional work.

Do you want a professional and independent accounting service company to perform all accounting and tax activities for your company?

Gtax’s accounting services will help you perform these tasks.


GTAX does its best to serve, customers’ comments who have been used our service are motivation for Gtax to go further. Gtax would like to thank Customers' comments.

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GTax Team

Professional Staff, well-trained with international qualification, and who are passionate in service industry such as Lawyers, Auditors, CPAs, Chief Accountants …

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