Experienced Accounting Professionals

GTAX’s Accounting Services focuses on providing value-added services which aim to create a strong competitive advantage for our clients in a rapidly changing market place. GTAX will help you access to our experienced team, which is not normally found in small companies, while saving money and time considerably.

What GTAX do

GTAX's Accounting Services deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality. GTAX help your time and work for your money.


GTAX commits to bring You accuracy and secure. Only we commit to refund 100% fees if you are not satisfied.

Profesional Staff

Professional Staff, well-trained with international qualification, and who are passionate in service industry such as Lawyers, Auditors, CPAs, Chief Accountants...


Wherever you are, just need an internet connection, GTAX "presents" right beside You.

Certified Data Center

All Your data shall be stored in professional Datacenter, accounting data shall be done on specialized accounting software with high accuracy and keep abreast with changes in tax policies.


We commit that the cost you pay shall correspond to the quality we provide and there are absolutely no hiden costs within the contractual.

Various Service Packages

The variety of service packages will help you to balance and be secure to implement your business plan.


You can absolutely use this accounting data with accounting software that is widely used in the world.

Online 24/7

The application of information technology in the management and interaction with customers has made Gtax different and more professional than other companies...


"I always choose professional partners to provide G-Office’s customers. And GTax meet well that condition...”

Use certified accountants & top accounting software for your organization’s entire …

Based on tasks, purposes, require- ments of an enterprise for chief accountant service, Gtax’s Chief accountant Service shall perform …

Correct and timely  tax reporting is  legally required by your company for the Tax Department. 

We offer affordable payroll services for foreign representative offices or companies without an HR department in Vietnam.

Enterprises need to settle taxes or clarify their tax accounting status for business growth.

Our team helps clients navigate local licensing and business start-up practices to successfully enter and compete in their market.


Our customers repetitively choose GTAX's Accounting Services to simplify their financial and accounting needs. Here are a few reasons that make GTAX a preferred outsourcing partner when compared to our peers.


Commit to refund 100% if You do not feel satisfy with our service (Only Gtax commits to perform).


Commit to competitive, flexible and appropriate prices with each of Your needs. There is not any “hiden” fees.


Employees who perform your tasks have been Chief Accountants, Auditors ... experienced and professional.


"Gtax's Portal" helps you communicate with Gtax no matter where you are.


Gtax handles all business issues for an Enterprise.


We are always ready to help you with any concerns you have.


GTAX does its best to serve, customers’ comments who have been used our service are motivation for Gtax to go further. Gtax would like to thank Customers' comments.


We believe that to have a great success, there is no short- age of dedicated and reliable partners.


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