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Are these your concerns when starting to set up a company in Vietnam?

You want to set-up your transaction office to be more modern with minimum charges or  your office to be convenient without spending a lot of time on it. And above all others, you need to own a professional office.

GTax’s accounting services will help you comply with legal regulations.

You want to reduce your paperwork and time constraints, or delay in administration and licensing/compliant procedures?

You do not know which model of operations is necessary or compulsory to your market entry strategies in Vietnam?

You want to optimize your tax and investment incentives, if any, in the Investment Certificate?

You want to know the best tax and investment incentives available to your investment in Vietnam?

You lack experiences in dealing with local licensing authorities?



Establish a company at GTax

With extensive knowledge and experience of local licensing and business start-up practices, our professional team would assist clients to achieve and optimize their market entry strategies in Vietnam and ensure the full compliance with the relevant statutory requirements.

Access to experts

Register your company with GTax and a dedicated business expert will be available, via live chat or over the phone.

Easy process

Just send us your documents. GTax will fill out your company registration application and send it to you for your signature.

Transparent prices

GTax provide custom quotes based on your needs, outlining everything you'll get and how much you'll pay. No hidden fees.

Bank account

Set up the right bank based on your business needs. GTax helps you get pre-approved through one of our partner banks.

Company Setup Process

4 steps to start your new business

Step 1 : Preparation of required documents

When establishing a new company in Vietnam, you must prepare the following documents (*) and information:

  • ID card/Passport of capital contributing members;
  • Company name and form of company expecting to be established;
  • Lease agreement and head office address of company expecting to be established;
  • Business line for the company expecting to be established;
  • The legal representative of the company expecting to be established;
  • Contribution capital to the company, the type of contribution capital;
  • Capital contribution members, capital contribution ratio of members;
  • Proof of financial capacity;
  • Investor documents;

(*) Any foreign documents will need to be notarized, legalized by consular officials, and translated into Vietnamese by competent authorities.

     (From 15 working days)

For large or specific investment projects, businesses need to seek the approval Vietnamese competent authorities prior to starting establishment procedures. It is therefore important to understand whether an investment requires approval and, if so, to prepare the necessary documents and address application processing times.

Here is a summary of project types which may require further special approvals:

  • Construction of Residential housing projects;
  • Airports, aerodromes, air transport businesses, cargo terminals, ports;
  • Petroleum processing;
  • Casinos and businesses involving betting;
  • Infrastructure projects for industrial zones and export-processing zones;
  • Nuclear power plants;
  • Golf Courses;
  • Special Land Use Rights;
  • Projects located on or near islands, borders, coastal areas and other defence sensitive locations;
  • Projects in sensitive heritage locations;
  • Projects that require relocation of inhabitants; and,
  • Projects that require re-purposing some types of forests, or rice crops.

Step 2 : Investment registration certificate application

The first step in the process of establishing a business in Vietnam is to apply for an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC). The resulting IRC allows foreign investors to start establishing their companies in Vietnam. This is mandatory for all foreign investment projects.

     (From 15 – 20 working days) Except for some special cases.

Step 3 : Enterprise registration certificate application

The Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) is required for all projects that want to establish a new legal entity in Vietnam. When obtained, the ERC will be accompanied by a number that will double the entity’s tax registration number.

     (From 4 working days)

Step 4 : Initial registration after incorporation

Once the IRC and ERC have been issued, additional steps have to be taken to complete the procedure and start business operations. This includes: 

  • Seal carving;
  • Appoint chief accountant;
  • Drafting decision of appointment of the general director/director;
  • Bank account opening;
  • Business license tax payment;
  • Labor registration;
  • Charter capital contribution; and
  • Public announcement of company establishment

Ready to get started?

GTax has accompanied many foreign businesses to establish new companies in Vietnam. Join us now!

How we help:

We also provide one-time and ongoing services to help your business comply with all government requirements.

Accounting for everything business. From entity formation, to tax filing, and  business paperwork. Professional Staff, well-trained with international qualification, and who are passionate in service industry such as Lawyers, Auditors, CPAs, Chief Accountants … Only we commit to refund 100% fees if you are not satisfied.

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Provide accurate payroll, on time and ensure regulatory compliance with the help of a payroll expert. We provide full payroll services including accurate staff payment, tax computation, and compliance filings customized to your needs.

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With prestigious building at central of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, fully equipped office space for rent available, ranging from individual workspace to a private deluxe room. Our sensible pricing, flexible and simple lease terms, one-page agreements make us your best choice for staying agile in a dynamic business environment. Our professional meeting rooms with conference support; broadband and internet access; video conferencing; on-line booking, our professional IT support and a state-of-the-art Telecom system can maximize all your need for business support. (visit https://goffice.vn for more informations)

 If the company does not have an accountant or chief accountant, it must sign an accounting service contract with an accounting service company to hire an accountant and chief accountant.

Using Gtax’s chief accountant services is the most optimal choice for enterprises business in Vietnam. Ensure your company will save cost, accounting activities ensure in accordance with Vietnam provisions of law.

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GTax advisors offer strategic advice to your small business, helping reduce tax liability while maintaining compliance. Our tax accountant advisors also provide additional financial planning services, including entity structuring, loan agreements, bookkeeping, deadlines, and more, depending on the business type.

    Our business advisors and tax professionals may contact you periodically to reassess your current tax planning strategies and adjust as needed.

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GTax will handle all documents, records, board meeting documents, safekeeping, stamping, digitizing documents, preserving digital signatures, … to help your new company stay compliant with Vietnamese laws.

Learn more about starting your business

Types of Business in Vietnam

Currently, investors can choose from the following types of businesses to register to establish a business in Vietnam: Representative Office; Limited Liability Company; Joint-Stock Company; Branch Office; Joint Venture; Public

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Why Should You Use
GTax's Accounting Services?

Tax and accounting regulations change frequently. If you are not an expert in the field of tax and accounting and do not follow up promptly, your company will not comply with regulations.

GTax’s accounting services will help you comply with legal regulations.

According to current law, a company must organize an accounting apparatus and must have an accountant and chief accountant. If not, that company must sign an accounting service contract with an accounting service company.

GTax’s accounting services will provide accounting services and chief accountant services for your company.

If your company is a foreign-invested company in Vietnam, you may not understand tax and accounting laws clearly. To avoid risks related to the implementation of accounting and tax procedures. Please use GTax’s accounting services.

You are a business owner, you do not clearly understand the tax and accounting regulations, how to check whether the accountant has declared taxes and accounting books correctly or not?

GTax’s accounting services will help you check and monitor accounting activities.

You are a small company, instead of hiring chief accountants and professional accountants at high costs, why don’t you use GTax’s accounting services or GTax’s chief accountant services to reduce costs?

You need a professional accountant with qualifications, experience and capacity to perform accounting work, tax declaration, accounting consulting, taxes, invoices and other legal regulations.

GTax’s accounting service will help you ensure the quality of accountants when performing work as well as accompany you throughout the time you use our service.

Your company’s accountant is not qualified and does not meet the legal regulations on accounting and tax. 

GTax’s accounting services will help you perform these tasks in accordance with the law.

You don’t want to have to worry about accounting issues, taxes or changes in your company’s accounting personnel.  You will spend a lot of time and money recruiting and training these accountants. And more seriously, when these employees quit, they will reveal your business secrets.

Gtax’s accounting services will help you focus on your main professional work.

Do you want a professional and independent accounting service company to perform all accounting and tax activities for your company?

Gtax’s accounting services will help you perform these tasks.

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