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Why choose GTax for payroll?

Expert sets you up for success

As a small business owner, you can determine the ideal mix of payroll and accounting services for your business with a few quick questions on your call.

Lower operating costs

There is no need to worry about any hidden costs as our fees are transparent and predictable. We can lower your costs by bundling accounting, and tax services.

The Complete Payroll Solution

We provide full payroll services including accurate staff payment, tax computation, and compliance filings customized to your needs.

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   GTax help you deal with unforeseen or unusual issues that may arise when managing your workforce.

   GTax can also support solutions for routine administrative tasks throughout the working lifecycle, freeing you up to focus on your business priorities.

   We’ll run your payroll for you, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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Fast, affordable payroll services for small business in vietnam

Manage your company’s payroll with a complete payroll solution tailored to your specific requirements

Time-saving strategies

Spend less time running payroll and more time running your day-to-day business.

Online GTax Portal

Securely submit receipts, record transactions, categorize monthly expenses, and more.

Transparent Pricing

GTax Co.,ltd provide Payroll services with flat pricing, no hourly rates or hidden fees. No surprises.

Accounting For Everything

Get help with all things business accounting – taxes, bookkeeping, monthly expenses, payroll, and more.

Reliable experience

More than 3,000 small businesses served. We have accounting teams in every region and experts in every industry.

Consult experts anytime

Get advice on creating procedures for processing payroll, tax payments, and reporting.

How can we help you?

GTax Accounting Services gives you the best choice with high service quality and reasonable costs. Depending on the purpose and requirements of the business, payroll services often include the following tasks:


  • Prepare and calculate salaries for employees monthly;
  • Prepare monthly payroll including salaries, bonuses, and allowances;
  • Calculate the amount of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance;
  • Calculate personal income tax;
  • Register for a personal tax code;
  • Subscriber registration;
  • Declaring personal income tax monthly/quarterly/yearly;
  • Declaring representative office tax monthly/quarterly/yearly;
  • Submit tax reports to state agencies.
  • Annual personal tax finalization;
  • Annual representative office tax settlement;
  • Submit tax reports to state agencies.
  • Register social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance for employees.
  • Labor reporting to state agencies;
  • Report increase/decrease in payroll to state agencies according to regulations.
  • Consulting on personal income tax;
  • Consulting on labor and social insurance;
  • Consulting on drafting labor contracts.

Focus on your business and
trust our payroll services.

No matter what your needs are, working with GTax’s payroll services means you will benefit from:

Benefits for employers

You will NOT pay costs:

  • Purchasing computers and licensed software;
  • Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and personal income tax;
  • Avoid situation: Sick leave, maternity leave, stop working, working space…
  • Better employee retention, improve efficiency;

  • Low level of risk, tax efficiency;…

Rewards for employees

  • Increase the reputation of your business;
  • The process is simple;

  • Minimize errors;
  • Increase transparency;
  • Easily look up information;
  • Responded quickly;
  • Salary structure is clear and transparent;
  • Calculate and submit insurance accurately;

Focus on your business and
trust our payroll services.

No matter what your needs are, working with GTax’s payroll services means you will benefit from:

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