Certified experts help you maintain your books

Professional Staff, well-trained with international qualification, and who are passionate in service industry such as Lawyers, Auditors, CPAs, Chief Accountants … GTax commits to bring You accuracy and secure. Only we commit to refund 100% fees if you are not satisfied.

Get your books organized - Accuracy guaranteed

Accurate, detailed books done for you

Accurately categorized transactions and reconciled accounts. Make business decisions based on up to the minute information.

Freedom to focus on your business

Let us handle your everyday business bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Game-changing features and automation

Does your business need a chief accountant to temporarily replace the current chief accountant?

Looking for a reliable accounting firm?

Save yourself the hassle. Let us handle your bookkeeping

Accounting For Everything

Get help with all things business accounting – taxes, bookkeeping, monthly expenses, payroll, and more.

Online GTax Portal

Securely submit receipts, record transactions, categorize monthly expenses, and more.

Transparent Pricing

We provide bookkeeping services with flat pricing, no hourly rates or hidden fees. No surprises.

Tax-Ready Financials

We’ve prepared professional financial statements for your CPA/EA/tax preparer to use easily.

Dedicated Bookkeeper

Unlimited support to help get you started and answer your basic bookkeeping questions.

Software Fluency

We are accustomed to working with any existing bookkeeping system you’re using.

How we help:

A bookkeeper for your business to track finances, run reports, make recommendations and help you stay compliant.

Get caught up on your books. We can get your financials up-to-date even if you’re years behind.

 Year-round bookkeeping advisory from a certified bookkeeper with tailored plans to reduce your tax liability.

Online access to easy-to-understand reports with accurately categorized transactions and reconciled accounts.

Accounting for everything business. From entity formation, to tax filing, and  
business paperwork.

Provide accurate payroll, on time and ensure regulatory compliance with the help of a payroll expert.

Online access to your
documents and records, and direct messaging with your accountant.

Powerful financial tracking and reporting, backed by a team of certified bookkeepers.

Help you get your business set up for tax savings, and more.

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When using GTax bookkeeping and GTax accounting services, your company do not need to have a professional accountant at your company. GTax will perform all the works of accountant for your company such as tax declaration, making tax finalization reports, preparing accounting books, preparing financial statements, calculating salary, registering labour and social ensurance …

Declaring licensing tax or licensing fee;

Registering tax code for new staff, registering dependent person;

Preparing and submitting tax declaration dossiers to the tax authority monthly (VAT, CIT, PIT) as prescribed;

Preparing and submitting tax declaration dossiers to the tax authority quarterly (VAT, CIT, PIT) as prescribed;

Preparing and submitting annual corporate income tax (CIT) declaration dossier as prescribed;

Preparing and submitting annual personal income tax (PIT) declaration dossier as prescribed;

Preparing and submitting report for using of invoice as prescribed;

Supporting customer to work and explain to the tax authority in the scope of the work was done;

Notifyingthe amount of tax payable, time to pay.

Classifying and sorting accounting vouchers;

Performing accounting books recording on computer accounting software;

Recording detailed accounting books as prescribed relying on vouchers provided by customer;

Calculating fixed asset depreciation;

Calculating and allocating tools, prepaid expenditures;

Printing detailed accounting books as prescribed (if any);

Preparing and making quarterly financial statements as prescribed;

Preparing and making annual financial statements as prescribed;

Printing financial statements as prescribed(if any);

Appointing staff as accountant for customer; 

Performing proceduresfor registering labour;

Performing proceduresfor reporting labour increase or decrease;

Performing procedures for registering social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance for staffs.

Appointing staff as chief accountant for customer;

Performing the works of chief accountant as prescribed.

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Preparing monthly payroll includes wages, bonuses and allowances;

Preparing and calculating salary for staff monthly;

Calculating amount for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance monthly;

Calculating individual income tax monthly;

Advising on accounting law, tax law, regulation on using invoice for customer within the scope of work was performed; 

Working with audit company (if any); 

Preparing and submitting report to DPI about progress of investment project.  

Preparing and submitting statistic report to the Statistic Agency.

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