We always aim for transparency, professionalism and quality, through the Service Process, GTax’s Accounting Service hopes every Customer to understand clearly how to coordinate between You and us.


Our Service Process

Step 1
What Is Our Services
Customer: Call 028-2221 6789 or via chat, email, …at Website


Gtax: Visit customers directly to give consulting on our services in details. Customers can also come to Gtax office to learn more about our services and get more specific advices.

Step 2
Confirmation Of Customer’s Demand

After learning about the services being provided by Gtax, we will proceed to confirm customer’s needs in 2 simple steps:

Customer: Confirm your demand.

Gtax: Collect customer information, sign a service contract and make payment procedures.

Step 3
Providing Our Services

After understanding the needs and desires of customers, Gtax will provide and perform our professional work signed in the contract. We will always check and coordinate to provide periodic reports as specified in the contract signed with the customer.

Step 4
Using Our Services

When using Gtax’s services, a customer and Gtax will have to regularly exchange and ensure such jobs as:

Customer: Provide your invoices on a monthly basis.


    • During the service period, each customer will have an account staff in charge to regularly solve your problems within the scope of our service provided.
    • With any fees incurred, even the smallest, we will provide full payment documents (VAT invoice) at the Customers’ request. Invoices are issued by Gtax and registered with Tax Department.
Step 5
Contract Liquidation
  • When the Customer no longer needs to use our service. Gtax will do cross-checking the final costs with the Customer to close the contract and return your deposit (if any).
  • All inquiries of the Customer will be resolved as quickly as possible in the spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit. Gtax will send a letter to thank you for your favor for us to service and cooperation opportunities in the future.

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