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Accounting Service

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Accounting Service give you the best solution in accounting from establishing a management system to control information to present management reports at any time to clients. Accountants will adopt based on real time accounting system.

Accounting Services give you the best choice with high quality in services and reasonable cost to have a professional accountant.

  • Establishing management financial information system based on your requirement on accounting software.
  • Accountants work and store all accounting documents at your office
  • Provide in time accounting information or accountants work full time at your office.
  • Auditor checks the accounting data periodically to make sure accounting data is safe and sound.
  • Give good advice in time.
  • Provide reports as request.
  • Use IT in storing, backup, safety data..
  • Secure accounting information.
  • Tax explanation, tax verification as request.

With Gtax Accounting, you will NOT pay costs:

  • Purchasing computers and licensed software
  • Advertising and recruitment costs
  • Social insurance; health insurance and unemployment insurance
  • Personal income tax
  • Avoid situation: Sick leave, maternity leave, stop working
  • Working space
  • Other staff benefits

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